By Maura King Scully 

For Trinity, and for many other colleges and universities, going coed was a matter of survival. When Theodore Davidge Lockwood ’48 became president on July 1, 1968, 他面临着三大挑战:重新审视和修改课程, 改善学院的财政状况, 决定全球十大网赌正规平台能否继续作为一所男子学院蓬勃发展. Dean of the Faculty Robert Fuller immediately took the lead in assessing the option of admitting women, writing a recommendation that persuasively argued for including women in the student body. 面对申请人数下降和学校男女同校的浪潮, the future was clear: the college would need to move quickly to admit top women candidates ahead of its competitors.  

69岁的柯克·马克瓦尔德是少数几名被选为 洛克伍德在1968年秋天召集的男女同校委员会. “The impetus was for a small college to maintain its standing and attract both good professors and great students,” recalls Marckwald, 现在是加州环境协会的创始人和负责人. “最大的问题是董事会是否会同意. 有几次很有意思的会面. 在波士顿郊外的一次会议上,一些受托人需要被说服 迈出这一步并不意味着一个有意义的足球项目的结束. 虽然我们都想有一个好的足球节目,但这似乎是一个荒谬的观点. How would it affect the sports program? Obviously, it didn’t affect it other than ironically over the years the female athletic program accelerated and brought credit to the college.” 

Writing in The Trinity Tripod’s “INSIDE” , David Sarasohn, 1971年,当时的专题编辑 The Tripod (and now a former editorial columnist for The Oregonian), had this to say: “Compelling as the purely academic reasons … the social necessity may be even more important.” He continued, “… the state of extracurricular activities at the college is lamentable” and that on “Friday and Saturday nights about half the campus flings itself at illegal speeds” toward campuses with women “while the other half sulks in the dormitory and feels sorry for itself.” 

Women had actually made their way to campus as graduate students as early as the 1920s. More than four decades later, in the spring of 1969, the first female undergraduates came to Trinity through an exchange program with Vassar College. That “it is so unremarkable in my mind, it shows that it was no big deal,” recalls Marckwald. “They were smart, talented people who had great ideas and contributed well to discussions.” 

Joyce Krinitsky ’73 was among the 1973届的106名一年级女生, along with 49 female transfer students, 前大学档案保管员彼得·纳普在他1965年的权威著作中提到了这些数据, Trinity College in the Twentieth Century. “进入全球十大网赌正规平台的竞争非常激烈,” recalls Krinitsky, 一位后来成为房地产经纪人的教师. “They actually sent a letter to the parents in which they talked about how they took only one in every 10 women.” 

克里尼斯基说,她记得那里气候恶劣. “If you walked into the dining room hall alone for dinner, you would get audibly booed,” she recalls. “一些事情让校园里的一些男人感到真正的痛苦. 他们在院子里举行了一场抗议露宿的活动这在 The Hartford Courant.” 

Jan Gimar ' 73指出,一些高年级学生对此表示反对. “有些人只想让一切回到过去的样子, but fortunately that was not universal,” says Gimar, who spent his career as an executive with the Boy Scouts of America 

And it wasn’t just the students. “I think there were a number of faculty who had been accustomed to operating in single-sex situations who were a little bit taken aback,” Sarasohn recalls.  

In Gimar’s case, he sought a coed school; indeed, 如果全球十大网赌正规平台仍然实行男校制,他就不会申请了. “I wanted women there,” he says, looking back with fondness on the tight-knit group of women and men in his Wheaton dorm. 

73岁的律师艾莉森·阿德勒(Alyson Adler)回忆起男女同校的宿舍生活时,既幽默又亲切. She recollects that women living in the residence halls in 1969 found ways to work around bathrooms designed for men and enjoyed the open access among the genders. “任何时候都没有任何障碍可以阻止一个男人在这里闲逛. 从各个方面来说,这都是一个男女混合宿舍。”她说. “很多男女同校的学校并没有走得那么远. … Trinity embraced coeducation very fully compared with other schools that went coed at the time.” 

虽然阿德勒还记得校园里存在的性别歧视,但她并不觉得这很严重. “在课堂上,我从未感到被边缘化或被吓倒. 我被我的教授和同班同学接受了. I felt very comfortable,” she says. 

克里尼斯基说,她考虑过转学,但决定留下来. “随着时间的推移,我结交了朋友,也变得越来越快乐. 尽管有些教员会给我带来挑战,但我喜欢我在学术上的位置.”  

时间和数字也有利于男女同校. “Most of us who came in with the freshman class in 1969 were distressed and worried because so many girls left after that first year,” recalls Gimar, 谁现在是1973届的副主席. And while the college doesn’t have statistics to verify the number of women who transferred, each year brought new female students. “每年情况都会好转,因为女孩们得到了增援. 到大四的时候,这些数字产生了影响.”  

Cornelia “Cornie” Thornburgh ’80, 她现在是学院董事会的第一位女主席, 敬畏地回顾全球十大网赌正规平台的第一批女性学生. 这些早期的女性学员都是行为工程师, 尽管我怀疑他们会这样称呼自己,” says Thornburgh. 1976年,当我作为一名大一新生来到这里时,那时我还被称为一名新生man—对厕所配置的担忧转向了其他更有意义的问题. There were Title IX implications, sports teams had to divide resources, 全是男性的兄弟会想方设法让女性融入他们的社交生活, 课堂讨论的范围更广了, 甚至连课程也开始纳入新的标题,比如性别研究. 

“很容易把这些事件称为进化或明显的自然过程, but I would suggest introducing women on campus some 50 years ago into our now almost 200-year history was a grand experiment in behavioral design that has transformed the essence of the college,” says Thornburgh. 

That transformation has led not only to women students accounting for half of the student body and almost half of the faculty but also to women at the very top echelons of the college. 自2014年起担任董事会主席, the school’s first female president, Joanne Berger-Sweeney, took the helm that same year. 学生自治协会(SGA)目前由一名女学生领导, Schnadig Family Scholar Kristina Miele ’19.  

Berger-Sweeney believes that these women leaders have provided a critical new lens for the college. “It is clear that women bring new perspectives when they assume an executive leadership role in an organization that historically has been led by men,” she explains. “研究表明,女性通常被认为更有抱负, empathetic, empowering of others, and more collaborative as leaders. If you asked campus constituents, 他们可能会说我强迫我们的教员, staff, and students to be less defensive, more collaborative, 更有创造力——在做重要决定时敢于冒险. I also think that they would view my leadership at Trinity as less hierarchical and more inclusive in practice, not simply inclusive in rhetoric. 我也会问一些以前在公司里没人问过的问题.” 

For example, one of Berger-Sweeney’s first moves as president was to narrow in on how sexual misconduct was handled on campus. To explore the issues involved, 她组织并领导了全球十大网赌正规平台防止不当性行为特别工作组. “The task force led us to revise and clarify policies and to consider other issues that affect campus climate. I collaborated with College Chaplain Allison Read and the Office of Student Life to initiate the Campaign for Community. 这场运动使学生领袖有能力建立一个更强大的, 更包容的校园社区,让他们的同龄人负起责任. The work of the campaign also helped to shape many of the student life initiatives in our strategic plan, Summit,” she explains. 

At the student government level, Miele is among women trailblazers, 她是全球十大网赌正规平台第七任女学生会主席. “It’s a little intimidating when working with administrators and making sure I’m taken seriously by the student body,” says Miele, reflecting on how gender impacts her role. “这是一种想法,但我尽量不让它成为一个问题. There’s always more to be done. I think it’s always important to keep the dialogue open when it comes to sexual harassment, body shaming, and women’s empowerment. There is always room for improvement.” 

How women think about themselves is uppermost in Berger-Sweeney’s mind when she muses on the impact of women leaders at Trinity and the women students who look to them as role models. “我确实希望能激励我们的女学生去帮助别人。. “I think women can form networks and try and make things better for the women who come behind them. 如果我能对这里的女性产生一点影响, 以身作则,让他们对自己的能力更有信心, I feel that I would have made a significant difference at Trinity and in higher education.” 

While Trinity’s coed pioneers did not have many women role models here when they arrived in 1969, they have watched—and participated in—the college’s evolution as a welcoming environment for women. 尽管在某些方面,她对1969年迎接她的气氛感到不安, Krinitsky came to truly love the college. 这是她第三次担任班级主席, has held other executive alumni positions, 并已连续30多年向学院捐款. 

我认为让人们知道我们没有这样做是非常重要的 愉快地走进赞美和喜爱的怀抱. 那是一种充满敌意的气氛,”克里尼斯基说. “But it changed, and we changed, and [our experience] helped shape us and helped shape the college.” 


Female Trinity College student with books leaving Mather Hall at registration time, 1969.